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Refurbished professional washing machines

Do you want the functions of a professional washing machine, only cheaper? Then go for our used washing machines. Our second-hand professional washing machines come from different brands in various shapes and sizes.


Miele PW6065 - 6,5 kg

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Electrolux W465 H - 6,5 kg

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Electrolux W365 H - 6,5 kg

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Girbau HS4007 - 7 kg

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Miele WS6073 SO - 7,5 kg

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Miele WS5080 - 8 kg

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Girbau HS6008 - 8 kg

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Lavamac AF80 - 9 kg

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Refurbished professional washing machine?

In addition to new professional washing machines, Laundry Expert also sells second-hand refurbished professional washing machines. Ideal when you want to test whether a professional washing machine is something for you or if you want to be cheaper. Our refurbished washing machines are used and therefore cheaper in price. A professional washing machine is meant for companies where a lot is being washed. These machines are designed to run a lot and a long time.

Refurbished professional washing machines

Our second-hand refurbished professional washing machines are thoroughly tested and cleaned from the inside and outside. In addition, all parts that are due for replacement are, of course, replaced. Think of rotating and non-rotating parts, such as drum bearings, shock absorbers, V-belts and filters. Thanks to our years of experience you are assured of an excellent second hand washing machine. The professional machines are working properly again, only you can buy them a lot cheaper.

Laundry Expert understands refurbishing:

  1. Thoroughly clean
    All hoods and plates are disassembled, giving our Laundry Expert a good idea of the machine. The washing machine will run a test and it will determine the state of the machine. Then the machine is sprayed from top to bottom, blown clean and cleaned.
  2. Refresh
    After this it is time for a good refresher. Here all parts that 'used' look professional cleaned. In this way the machine seems as good as new again.
  3. Renovate
    Now the real work can start: replacing parts. All necessary parts are replaced or repaired if this is necessary for the machine to run properly. In this way the state of the machine is significantly increased and you are assured of a reliable professional washing machine.

Refurbished washing machines we sell from various brands, including Lavamac, Fagor, Girbau, Electrolux, Miele, Primus, Ipso etc. These machines all have a different loading capacity of 6.5 to 8 kg. Do you want more loading capacity? View our second-hand refurbished industrial washing machines.

Buying a second hand washing machine from Laundry Expert?

Smart choice! You then enjoy the real quality of a professional washing machine, only much cheaper. The prices of our refurbished machines are considerably lower than those of new professional washing machines. A win-win situation! In addition Laundry Expert has even more to offer:

  • A matching second-hand refurbished professional clothes dryer is available with every washing machine.
  • Laundry Expert will be happy to take care of delivery and installation for you. Possible at any location in the Netherlands.
  • Six months full warranty.

Are you interested? Request a quote now without any obligation or contact us directly! Direct contact can be made at 085 003 0265 or e-mail to info@laundryexpert.nl

“Laundry Expert helps you think along for the total solution for your company from a to z. ”

“We are expert not only for new machines but also for the repair of used machines. ”

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“Laundry Expert stands out for its high degree of involvement in the process and a very customer-friendly attitude.”

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