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Form finisher - SILC S/AV - For coats and skirts

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Form finisher - SILC S/TP - For trousers

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Form finisher - SILC S/TPC - For shirts & blouses

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Form finisher - SILC S/MPC 3S - For shirts & blouses

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Form finisher - SILC S/IMC - For blouses and shirts

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Form finisher - SILC S/MSG - For jackets and coats

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Form finisher - SILC S / MTA-E - For costumes, jackets and trousers

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Form finisher - SILC S/MSP - For trousers

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Automatic Packaging Machine AVC AVM-500

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L-Sealer HS-500 AT/TW

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Ironing board - SILC S/AAR-S DSH

View details

Ironing board - SILC S/AR DSH

View details

Ironing board - SILC S/AVR-S

View details

Ironing board - SILC S/ASF-B

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Ironing board - SILC S/AVRM

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Ironing board - SILC S/EX

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Ironing board - SILC S/AAR

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Ironing board - SILC S/AAR DSH

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Ironing table mini - SILC S/MS2

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SILC S/MSA-E Combi - Ironing board, cuff press and shirt finisher

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Ironing press - SILC S/MP4

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Universal ironing press - SILC S/IGP4-V

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Universal ironing press - SILC S/IGP4-E

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Ironing press - SILC S/IDS Special

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Ironing press - SILC S / ICP - For shirts

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Ironing hand press - SILC S/55 ST

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Ironing hand press - SILC S/115-ST

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Ironing press - SILC S/EIP4

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Ironing press - SILC S/EIP5

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Ironing press - SILC S/IDS - For shirts

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Spotting machine - SILC S/MSF

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Spotting machine - SILC S/PSE

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Spotting machine - SILC S/F

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Finish your clothes with an ironing table, press or form finisher

Finishing as a real expert with a wide range of professional finishing equipment. That is possible at Laundry Expert. By finishing your clothes you reach the "finishing touch", it completes your clothes. When you are done with your washing process, drying process or dry cleaning process, the best work is done: finishing your textiles with the right finishing equipment.

Ironing tables

An ironing board has the same function as a standard iron in combination with an ironing board, namely smoothing your textiles. The heat released on your textile ensures that bacteria do not stand a chance. This keeps your textiles hygienic. The handy thing about an ironing board is that you can always iron on the corresponding table and do not have to buy an ironing board separately. Our professional ironing tables from Silc are suitable for you if you have to iron a lot every day. Extra options are also available on our ironing tables, such as a steam iron, swing arm, spray gun for hot and cold water, second iron, extraction system or blowing system.


With a professional press you can also smooth your clothes, only then under high pressure. This can be done by pulling the textile vacuum, but this is not always necessary. Various types of presses are available, such as a hand press, ironing press and a universal press. The press can be used for a blouse, shirt, trousers, pants. The press for a pair of pants is also called a trouser press. This is highly recommended for an ironing room, laundry or dry cleaning.

Form finishers

The professional form finishers from Silc are a godsend for all your personal clothing. A form finisher brings your clothes back perfectly in a short time, without leaving marks behind. This way you keep the original shape of your clothing, which keeps it extra beautiful. Our range consists of different types, each suitable for finishing specific types of clothing. Ideal for example jackets, blazers, shirts, coats, skirts and trousers.

Steam generators

Buying a steam generator is a good choice when you use a lot of steam devices. This is very suitable for example for dry cleaning or laundry. In a steam generator, water is heated strongly and steam is quickly generated. The steam can then be transported via laid pipes so that it ends up in your ironing machine, for example. Laundry Expert offers you steam generators from the Certuss and Silc brands.

Purchase finishing equipment from Laundry Expert?

Nothing is more beautiful than a tightly ironed trousers with a nice pleat. This can be perfectly finished on, for example, a trouser topper. What it can go to the ironing board to make a perfect fold. Everything to ensure that the laundry can be finished in the right way. A nice addition for your company.

  • Of course Laundry Expert is also ready for you for seal and label equipment.
  • We offer you real service and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Interested or questions? Feel free to contact one of our Laundry Experts! This can be done by calling us on +31 (0) 85-0030265 or by e-mailing us at info@laundryexpert.nl

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