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Professional detergents

Do you always want clean laundry? Our professional detergents offer you the solution! With our professional detergents you are less needed due to the high concentration and all stains are effectively removed. The right detergent for every washing process!


Sultraspot Metal 500 ml - Stain remover

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Sultraspot Soft 500 ml - Stain remover

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Sultraspot Tint 500 ml - Stain remover

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Stain Wash Oxy 750 ml - Stain remover

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Sultraspot Protein 500 ml - Stain remover

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Sultraspot Mineral 500 ml - Stain remover

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Sultraspot Color 500 ml - Stain remover

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Sultraspot Starterkit 6x500 ml - Stain removers

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Soap dispensing pump

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Mulan Solar 20 KG - Degreasing detergent

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Pro-Fit Body 20 KG - For wetcleaning

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Record Special 25 KG - Complete washing powder

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Complete detergent

Superwash 20 KG - Complete washing powder

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Osmaflux Profi 25 KG - Complete detergent

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Water repellent

Osmafin Aquablock Plus 20 KG - Waterproofing agent

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For protein-containing dirt

Selox Micran 23 KG - Fur detergent with extra enzymes

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Peracid Asepsis 22 KG - Bleached and disinfectant

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Neutracitric Combi 20 KG - Neutralizing agent

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Osmafin Perfect 23 KG - Liquid starch

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Allwash 3L - Main detergent

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Mulan Citro 20 KG - Degreasing detergent

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Green'R Ultra Wash 20L - Ecological main detergent

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Green'R Ultra Wash 3L - Ecological main detergent

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Allwash 20L - Main detergent

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Mulan Intensiv 20 KG - Degreasing detergent

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Cole & Wilson Pro-Fit Wool 20 KG - For wetcleaning

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Buy a professional detergent?

Our professional detergents, also called soap or detergents, meet all hygienic health and safety regulations, legal and environmental requirements, quality and productivity standards. This is just as important for us as it is for you. Your challenge is our job and that is one less worry for you! We offer you the most effective liquid detergents, washing powders, detachers and soap dosing systems. The professional detergents from Christeyns and the secondment agents from Sultraspot are suitable for different purposes. With the most important goal: clean laundry! Everywhere washing is done detergent is needed, but every situation requires a specific professional detergent. Are you working in a healthcare institution, an in-house laundry, a hotel or a campsite? Laundry Expert offers the solution for every industry.

Advantages of professional detergent

When you compare household detergents with our professional detergents, you immediately notice a big difference. The professional detergents are better able to remove all stains from your textile. In addition, professional detergents offer you even more benefits, including the following:

  • Professional detergent is more concentrated and therefore you need much less per use.
  • The best ingredients in our professional detergents ensure that your textile is really clean after the washing process.
  • Most detergents are also available in bulk packages, which means you can go even longer.
  • All Christeyns professional detergents have been developed to deliver high performance at low temperatures. In this way, these detergents directly contribute to a more sustainable and therefore better environment!
  • All detergents are equipped with new innovations, which contributes to better functioning and real top quality.

Laundry Expert not only supplies professional detergents, but is also happy to make a customized washing process for you. Every professional detergent then comes into its own, guaranteeing you clean laundry every day. All our professional detergents are from the leading Christeyns brand. The assortment includes the main detergent Osmaflux Profi. This is a professional detergent for white and colourfast textiles. Selox Micran is a fur washing detergent that contains enzymes. These enzymes remove all protein-containing contamination, including stains with protein as a basis. You can think of perspiration or blood stains. In addition, degreasing, neutralizing, bleaching, stiffening and water-repellent detergents are also available. The Superwash is very suitable for a complete washing powder, this is an all-round stain remover for total washing detergent. Prefer a specific stain remover? Then view our Sultraspot product line containing secondment agents, each intended for a specific stain.

Do you want to purchase professional detergent from Laundry Expert?

That is no problem, our experts are happy to help you choose the right professional detergents. Every day millions of people rely on clean uniforms, sheets, towels, table linen, mats or other textiles supplied by professionals like you. Laundry Expert understands the importance of professional detergent and is happy to answer all your questions.

Call us on telephone number +31 (0)85-0030265, send your email to info@laundryexpert.nl or complete our contact form.

Do you already know exactly which professional detergent you need? Then you can go directly to our Laundry Shop, where all our professional detergents can be easily ordered!

  • Professional detergents
  • Always clean laundry
  • Expert advice every moment

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