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Product as-a-service and circular economy

Product as-a-service and circular economy a term that you increasingly hear is circular economy. In contrast to our current linear economy, we use as little material as possible and, above all, reuse it.

The world population is growing. The Netherlands depends on other countries for certain raw materials. The extraction and use of raw materials ensures CO2 emissions. These are reasons to work towards a circular economy. The government has set itself the target to arrive at 50% less use of primary raw materials by 2030. A circular economy stands for 2050 as a dot on the horizon. In the future meet the need with decreasing pressure on the environment.



Product As A Service (P.A.A.S.)

New business models are needed in the movement towards a circular economy. One of the most promising is Product as-a-service. When the producer or specialist remains the owner of the product, the best opportunities arise for optimal reuse of the materials. That's where the knowledge is. Customers pay for the use and not for possession. Within the Laundry Expert we do this with the Laundry Use concept. The customer pays for the use. Within an agreed kg price, items such as equipment, maintenance, chemistry, but also training can be processed in an integral tariff. As a commercial company, we are increasingly becoming a service provider instead of a supplier. New opportunities arise with this business model. The equipment that comes back is reused as much as possible for repair and overhaul. With us as a supplier, the incentive of responsibility is to maintain the equipment properly.


Circularity and sustainability

Our laundry equipment is recycled for about 75%. Many materials are reused within the revision process. That is already wonderful. But only the sustainability of the production and recycling process does not yet make circularity we think. Circularity easily lingers in a cuddle atmosphere of a few sustainable activities. Circularity also includes a basic attitude in which continuous and curious new possibilities are sought. At Laundry Expert we are investing heavily in obtaining more data from the equipment that is running at our customers. We think that the monitoring of the equipment can be improved. Internet off things, more connections and integrated systems. Information is then available much faster so that we can not only proactively serve the customer, but also prevent us from scheduling unnecessary service visits. We see many opportunities in this domain.



It is no longer news that one of our core values, Samen, is leading in daily practice. To make real steps, in a contribution to the circular economy, we need each other. Partners become knowledgeable and skilled. A good example is the cooperation with TBR Energy Solutions. When we build a laundry i.s.m. TBR Energy Solution creates beautiful developments in which the use of fossil fuels is reduced to a minimum. Reuse of water and heat, use solar energy. When combined with product as-a-service as a business model, customers can focus carefree on their core business. But with the knowledge that they contribute daily to the circular economy.


Laundry Expert wants to further innovate in the coming years by expanding its collaboration with partners. Process new technological high-quality solutions in our products. Together we create the ideal laundry.


Berto Broeksema, Laundry Expert


Berto Broeksema is active for Laundry Expert in addition to his interim work in the healthcare sector. Within Laundry Expert he is involved in the development of concepts towards the non-profit sector. In a monthly article he tries to bridge the gap between laundry technology, non-profit sector and current developments in society.

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