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Healthcare costs doubled over 20 years: flexibility!

Healthcare costs doubled over 20 years: flexibility!

In various publications it is written about, congresses are dedicated to it, it is clear that health care costs will increase enormously in the future. For example, I found that the healthcare costs for the Dutch citizen now amount to an average of € 5,000. In 2040 this is expected to be around € 10,000.

Therefore, drastic changes can not be missed

To keep healthcare affordable, new and smart solutions will come. The changes will have consequences for the client / patient but also for healthcare professionals. Health care professionals are given different roles and are increasingly moving within the chain. Competences focused on networks, for example, become more important. These new employees also bring different expectations and interests. One effect of this is that more and more employees are active who do not work from an employment contract. They deploy themselves as a freelancer, from secondment or from an employment agency.

Main and minor tasks

This movement also means that these employees want to focus more on core tasks and less with side issues. In addition, the trend has been used for a while to keep overheads to a minimum. As a result, task areas are free, my conviction. This also requires new solutions. To keep it close to home ... the laundry is the last thing that care institutions want to worry about.




More trends are visible. It was predicted years ago; a significant increase in multimorbidity. Yes, I know, quite a strange word. This means that there are 2 or more chronic diseases in 1 person. I read somewhere that an increase of 25% is expected in the coming years until 2040. Especially in the elderly, multimorbidity is the rule rather than the exception. But this can also be found increasingly in the sectors of care for the disabled and psychiatry. New care models are needed. Collaboration of different disciplines in healthcare. But it also requires new institutions that can continue to anticipate when the care demands change or become more intensive.


Empowerment and individual wishes


It has long since ceased to be a trend that citizens who are asking for care have become empowered. Citizens are better educated and have many more information sources at their disposal. As a layman you used to look up to an expert and pay attention before you opened your mouth. Now, care recipients expect care that seamlessly matches their needs. They do not want to move past all kinds of counters and partitions, but appropriate care because their health and joy of life is threatened. This "new" citizen wants to be unburdened to his or her needs.


Flexible solutions


This requires flexible solutions. Flexibility in personnel, real estate policy, financing you name it. My opinion is that flexibility is a key ingredient of the new solutions. From Laundry Expert we hereby join. We are increasingly developing concepts where services can be stacked (equipment, soap, training, etc.) within a concept. Up and down the deployed solutions. Last but not least, we expect that with rent and payment for use (Laundry Use) we will increasingly be able to match the demand in the market. It is our passion to join in with those constant changes in healthcare. Be welcome for a cup of coffee to talk about it again. Laundry Expert does not sell equipment but flexible solutions.

In addition to his Interim activities in the healthcare sector, Berto Broeksema is also active for Laundry Expert. Within Laundry Expert he is involved in the development of concepts towards the non-profit sector. In a monthly article he tries to bridge the gap between laundry technology, non-profit sector and current developments in society.

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