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Part 2: Product as a service (P.A.A.S) | Pay per use

In the previous article attention was paid to the concepts circular economy and Product as a Service. Let's recap briefly in brief ... A circular economy is a circular economy in which raw materials are reused and the environment is relieved. With a circular economy, in our opinion also a basic attitude of curiosity about new possibilities. In addition, the willingness to enter into partnerships in the area of knowledge and expertise through which we continue with each other. With this basic attitude and cooperation with partners, the circular movement also receives extra energy. In this article I want to discuss 2 subjects a bit further; the organizational culture and the development of the Product as a Service model.

Organizational culture

There are many books written about organizational culture. The culture does have a lot of influence on innovative matters, such as Product as a Service. For now no comprehensive analysis of the concept of culture. Henry Mintzberg (academic scientist, author and researcher in the field of management and organizations) has defined a number of types of organizations. The fifth form of organization that he describes is the 'innovative organization'. Inhere lies the concept of 'Adhocracy'. This is the counterpart of bureaucracy. There is a direct response to developments and there is a great deal of flexibility. There is a high degree of decision-making power and space to try something new. Not bothered by rules and procedures. Can and can innovate within broader frameworks. We are talking about small businesses, such as Laundry Expert. At Laundry Expert we make space for experimenting. The washing experience is in the center of one of the halls. All facilities are organized to experiment with laundry and equipment. Our chemistry and cleaning specialist can come up with an optimal process together with the customer. It is a sport to clean with as few additives as possible. Technicians can test, but also try out their lust for what works and what does not work. A beautiful innovation place where a lot of creativity gets a place within our organization. Everyone is free to use these facilities. We therefore see room for experimentation as a basic condition within the Laundry Expert corporate culture. As far as we are concerned, a condition for bringing the circular economy to a higher level.

Product as a Service

Product as a Service was designed within Laundry Expert with Laundry Use. The customer pays for the use and not for the ownership. Pay per use. I explained this in the previous article. But this product is also moving. Here again, the strength lies in the cooperation with a (financial) partner. Thinking together about new possibilities. With Laundry Use in a higher plan, it is possible that we take over existing equipment for a certain book value. Yes, we literally pay the customer for his machines. It is possible that the acquired book value is used for improvements to the laundry. Within healthcare institutions it may be that the use of chemistry / soap must be automated so that clients encounter a simpler operating process. The chemical installation can then be installed by us from the obtained book value. But it may also be that a low-stimulus space is needed for people with a disorder in the autistic spectrum. These funds can also be used for this. This creates a spectrum of possibilities. Is the laundry ready for new roofing? Then we can bet the book value for that. The entire concept can be processed in a KG price. Being creative with the customer with large frames and as few rules as possible! Together we create the ideal laundry.

Berto Broeksema is active for Laundry Expert in addition to his interim work in the healthcare sector. Within Laundry Expert he is involved in the development of concepts towards the non-profit sector. In a monthly article he tries to bridge the gap between laundry technology, non-profit sector and current developments in society.

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