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Be expert in something....

Patrick Roest (22) recently beat the track record at 5 km. This had been in the name of Sven Kramer for over 12 years. Patrick then defeated Kjeld Nuis on the 1500 m and then popped 33 seconds of his record on the 10 km.


"No, I certainly did not believe that"



When I then deepen myself in the personality, I actually encounter an uncomplicated down-to-earth guy. Does not say much. Is preferably on the farm. "No, I certainly did not believe this for my race" was his reaction after 10 km. A time under 13 minutes was almost impossible to imagine he reported. "I hope that there is still elongation, that it can be even faster." That is not exactly a statement where you think, what a gigantic ambition. No statement from the expert ...


Now I must confess to you that I do not have much understanding of skating. Undoubtedly there were boundary conditions that were correct. Yes, but he has talent! OK, that will certainly be, I believe so. I also understand that this man has been training hard for years.


The inner strength of Koen Bakker; act normal man!

Just to one of our employees, Koen Bakker (25). Koen is a Chemical & Cleaning expert. The colleague-valued colleague really knows everything about cleaning. When there is a new innovation in this area, he is like the chickens and can passively talk about this new product. The question to Koen: "Koen where do you get your inner strength from?". The reaction was: "act normal man!". But Koen, you are so driven in your industry, where does that come from? Koen notes that this is and was just there. Just because! But you were not born with it. Koen really does not know ...


Practicing 10,000 hours makes you an expert?

In an article from the NRC I read that practicing 10,000 hours does not make you an expert. Professor Anders Ericsson has examined whether you are born with talent or that everyone has the chance to become really good at something. I save you a long story. The result of the article is that the 10,000-hour rule is a myth to become an expert.


Try Koen again ... Koen who is your great example? Koen: "What is that again for question ...". Well come on Koen, just say it (maybe this indicates a direction of his passion and drive ...). The answer was: "my mother!", That is his example. Koen explains that his mother always does her job with a lot of conviction and self-confidence. OK, Koen, you are a mother child! But apparently he derives part of his work ethic from the example of his mother. I'm crazy that I do not see that when I'm google on the theme expert. Because, the context in which people develop seems to me to be of importance.





Develop together with others

An expert culture is what we strive for within Laundry Expert. Well here seems to be a hautain side to sit. However, that is not what we strive for. On the FINN site I came across a list of factors in which I recognize Laundry Expert and Koen; Experts gather knowledge, are specialists (because they have really immersed themselves), share knowledge, have an opinion and come out, work hard and have patience. It is inspiring to work in such a culture! That's why I like to add a factor to the list: Together. Develop together with others.


Invite Koen. You will be amazed at his passion. And! Ask especially for his mother ...


Berto Broeksema is active for Laundry Expert in addition to his interim work in the healthcare sector. Within Laundry Expert he is involved in the development of concepts towards the non-profit sector. In a monthly article he tries to bridge the gap between laundry technology, non-profit sector and current developments in society.


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