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Twisted organizations, changing times and THE INTENTION

Twisted organizations, changing times and THE INTENTION



One of the world's largest container ships in the world lost 270 containers from Tuesday to Wednesday night last week. This happened just before Borkum (Germany). The "MSC Zoe" was on its way to Denmark with 19,000 containers. Various containers and their contents ended up on the beaches of, among others, Terschelling and Ameland. Apart from the environmental drama, something happens. Fishermen do not go fishing but beachcombing. Holidaymakers are committed to helping to clear up the mess. Mayors are suddenly very busy with the press and the coordination of activities. Soldiers are taken back from their leave and are deployed on the beaches. A large group of people had something else on the agenda for this day and felt obliged, whether forced or not, to engage in other goals.

Within the care sector "the changes fall as containers of the ship"

You may find the above comparison somewhat strange but I thought to myself, that dynamics is similar to that of care. The changes fall as containers of the ship. And what are we often busy with that. The planning & control cycle, the procedures, the search for standardization, knowledge management, project management, you name it. A lot of busy people, like there on the beaches of Terschelling and Ameland. The big question is whether all these efforts bring us where we want to come out with the organization.

In the book twisted organizations (from Wouter Hart) this problem is viewed from 3 circles:

  • The system world, the world of rules, protocols and performance indicators;
  • The environment, the value creation between professional and the customer in the here and now;
  • The intention, where it is ultimately about.

Working from the intention

When we think and work from the point of view, the system world is no longer guiding and guiding. Solutions that are conceived from the system world entail the risk that people will be asleep, explains Wouter Hart. You do not think anymore but follow the navigation. Thinking within the world is deactivated.

For a long time the trend was visible within the healthcare sector to outsource the laundry in particular. This keeps the costs manageable and the care is concerned with the core business. Within Laundry Expert we have drawn up numerous business cases for healthcare institutions to map out the advantages and disadvantages of contracting or outsourcing. Although this can still be an appropriate working direction, you can ask whether these activities bring you to the intention.

Professional laundry for nursing home locations, started with the intention,

With Interzorg we have been on the road for some time to realize a new facility center together with various partners. Within that facility center is a professional laundry that will wash the clothing of a large number of nursing home locations under its own management. In total, more than 600,000 kg of wax per year. In addition, they start passionately with high-quality nutrition, from their own kitchen. Meals must be enjoyed moments.

In doing so, they are completely against the flow of the trend. But it did start with the intention. Much was clear from the personal conversations with clients. They thought it was of great importance that the personal clothing would look perfect. Not long to have to wait for the clean clothes. That it would not be lost or damaged. But also that you get high quality food when your appetite decreases due to illness and continues to enjoy it. In the lifeworld of the time before, it was a familiar sight that containers full of unmarked clothing occurred that simply could no longer be traced back to the clients.

The washing machine is not only full of wax but especially with personal stories was the conviction. For Interzorg, care is to focus on the personal story of the client and together determine how their lives should be continued. Within this laundry concept, Interzorg does not become the owner of equipment. But one is going to wash yourself, keep the lines short and realize the quality that the clients ask for. This is wonderful, together we do not just create a laundry, but we mainly connect with the intention! Talk about an ideal laundry!

In addition to his Interim activities in the healthcare sector, Berto Broeksema is also active for Laundry Expert. Within Laundry Expert he is involved in the development of concepts towards the non-profit sector. In a monthly article he tries to bridge the gap between laundry technology, non-profit sector and current developments in society.


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