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Holiday resort

Are you looking for a professional washing machine for your holiday park? Laundry Expert is happy to help you find the right washing machine for your holiday park. Whether this is for internal use for washing company clothing or for the available laundry room for guests. Laundry Expert is ready for you!

Washing at holiday resorts

More and more holiday parks are expanding with various service loans for tourists, park residents and guests. The standard service that most holiday parks offer to their guests and residents are: free Wi-Fi and facilities such as a shower and toilet. Because the competition has increased, as a holiday park you have to excel in comparison to other parks. Laundry Expert understands that and therefore helps you improve your laundry facilities.

Research into laundry service at holiday resorts

Studies and surveys conducted by, among others, ANWB, Tripadvisor and Zoover have shown that guests of holiday parks have important needs for service provision. Most guests want to be able to wash sleeping bags, pillows and duvets in addition to the daily (small) laundry. This is useful during or at the end of the holiday season. All laundry can then be taken home clean in the suitcase, so that you no longer need to wash at home. In addition, a household washing machine is often too small for such large laundry needs. The holiday parks often require professional washing machines and professional dryers.

The professional washing machine for your holiday resort

As the owner of a holiday resort, you naturally want the guests to be able to use your laundry facilities and of course you want to be able to offer the best. For the best washing process, you will soon end up with a professional washing machine and a professional dryer. This depends mainly on the amount of laundry that is washed at your holiday park. How much space do you have at your disposal? How do you want to dry your laundry? Which professional or industrial dryer is best for your park? Laundry Expert will gladly help you with your questions.

Laundry Expert has all the expertise and knowledge in-house to ensure that the right professional washer and dryer is placed on your holiday park. We supply, maintain and install our laundry machines at your leisure park. We help you with our service. Here you can check which laundry machines match your needs and abilities, and of course those of your guests. It is our goal and our passion to deliver the right machine to the right customer.

POS terminal for your professional washing machine?

Of course you can also offer a laundry room for your guests or maybe you already do this. Do you already use convenient payment terminals or do you have an employee who receives the payments? That is no longer necessary from now on! Laundry Expert offers you various options in payment terminals, with which guests can pay by currency, PIN or contactless by means of a park pass or debit card. The big advantage is that it is not susceptible to fraud and that you do not have to have any coins. And in addition, you can keep a close eye on everything by means of special software and even operate it remotely.

Professional detergents

As a total supplier, we offer not only professional laundry machines, but also professional detergents and soap dosing systems. Our range contains various detergents, each suitable for specific purposes. Our service technicians can apply a soap dosing system to your professional washing machine, allowing you to dose your detergent per wash and more efficiently organize your washing process. Clean laundry without wasting detergent.

Advice on the right professional laundry machines for your holiday resort?

Then look no further! Our large assortment has been carefully designed to meet all your wishes and needs. We are happy to help you with your questions about the entire washing and drying process.

Are you interested? Then quickly contact one of our specialists in recreation needs. Call us at +31 (0) 85-0030265, send us an e-mail via info@laundryexpert.nl or fill out our contact form below.

Immediate contact via chat? Which can! At the bottom right of the page you can right away chat with one of our experts from the Laundry service team. We like to help you!


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