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Water construction engineering

The water engineering company sector and the Netherlands are inextricably linked. The activities in hydraulic engineering are very intensive activities, such as dredging in wet hydraulic engineering, the strengthening of sea dikes, the extraction of land and the cleaning of our Dutch canals. To properly clean the work clothes of these hard workers, you need a good washing machine. At Laundry Expert you are at the right place, with a wide choice of professional and industrial washing machines.

Laundry Expert in water engineering

We are happy to help the water engineering sector to manage the daily washing process. With our wide range of professional washing machines, dryers and drying cabinets we can always provide you with the best solution. Since every dredger, rock dump and bulk carrier for transporting wet sand or any offshore situation is in fact a floating house in itself, the facilities we know from home must also be present here. Through its extensive experience in laundry technology, Laundry Expert can link every customer to the best fitting laundry machine.

Washing and drying of NEN, EN and ISO-certified work clothes

In the water engineering industry, wearing warm and dry work clothes is of great importance. The activities in this sector are often carried out in the open air, in summer but also in winter. This work clothing must therefore be equipped with the high NEN, EN and ISO safety standards. It is also important for these work clothes that they are washed and dried in the right way. This prevents the protective parts in the work clothing from being damaged, worn or losing its colors. These standards provide clear guidelines, which Laundry Expert knows how to handle. Of course you do not have to find out all this yourself, because Laundry Expert is happy to help you determine the right washing process and drying process.

Expert in professional washing machines and dryers

For the activities in water engineering it is important that at least a professional washing machine is in operation. A household is not enough, because it is less resistant to highly polluted work clothing. In addition, the lifespan is a lot shorter compared to a professional washing machine. A household washing machine only lasts 3000 running hours, while a professional washing machine lasts up to 20,000 operating hours. This way you have longer enjoyment of your washing machine and you also have more and better options in washing programs. You also need a professional detergent to remove the most difficult stains in the best way.

After the washing process your textile must be well dried. To dry the laundry in the right way, you need the right machine. This can be done with a matching professional dryer or industrial clothes dryer, but of course also with a drying cabinet. Each product has its own advantages, making it suitable for you. In addition to clothing, it is also desirable to dry gloves, work jackets and boots. A professional drying cabinet PODAB ProLine FC20 could be very suitable for this. In order to place the right laundry machine at the right customer, we would like to get in touch with you.

Expert in professional laundry detergents

Work clothing including thermo clothing requires and requires extra attention with the use of the right detergent and the correct dosage. A soap dosing system is also available for our effective professional detergents. Do you have very specific spots? Then you can opt for one of our secondment agents, each of which is specifically suitable for a specific type of stain. The high-quality brands Christeyns and Sultraspot are extremely suitable for these purposes. These brands can meet your goal in combination with the right machines: clean and hygienic laundry!

Worldwide available parts

Do you work overseas? That too is not a problem! Laundry Expert is a partner of Alliance Laundry Systems. Alliance Laundry Systems is the global market leader in various laundry equipment, including professional and industrial washing machines and dryers. This makes the parts available worldwide. Laundry Expert also has its own extensive spare parts service from various brands.

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Then look no further! Our large assortment has been carefully designed to meet all your wishes and needs. We are happy to help you with your questions about the entire washing and drying process.

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