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Starting a launderette

From small to large launderettes, we supply the best professional brands of washing machines and dryers in the world. No matter the job, whether we send you ready-to-go appliances, or you want to completely renovate your launderette; we offer the most extensive support. You can read about our support offerings below. 

Starting a professional launderette?

A launderette is indeed a unique business opportunity. Launderette owners benefit from many advantages other business owners might not have access to. We know launderettes. When you work with Laundry Expert, you will not only receive professional advice and equipment, but you will also have peace of mind knowing you are working with an organisation passionately committed to satisfying all customer needs.

It is imperative to conduct a thorough business plan-making progress before stepping into the world of owning a launderette, but we at Laundry Expert help take care of this for you.

Become the owner of a self automated launderette

A self automated launderette? Yes! Fully automated! No staff necessary and shop doors that open and close automatically. We do offer the best known laundry brand in the world. If you choose Laundry Expert as the supplier of your business, you are making a choice for highly efficient appliances and lowered up front investments.

There is no industry more profitable than the laundry sector and no better partner within this sector than Laundry Expert and their collaboration with Speed Queen.

Own a financially solid company with cash flow stability

Launderettes are part of a unique business model that has been successfully replicated over three continents. Investing now gives you the opportunity to become the owner of a company with a secure, consistent income.

Your own Speed Queen concept store?

Are you interested in starting up your own self-automated launderette? Read the five most important reasons why thousands of people worldwide have already invested in such a business.

The multiple advantages of a self automated launderette include minimum staff members, loyal customers, and continued cleanliness. Business owners profit from this kind of efficiency.

Unlike most investments, launderettes are not negatively linked with the economic climate. In fact, demand has been shown to climb higher during periods of recession, as consumers often look for more economical means of cleaning their clothes.

More often than not, a business startup can take a serious toll on your and your family’s lives. This is not the case with a launderette. Whether you start a small or large establishment, your goals and lifestyle can always be at the forefront.

Customers always pay up front for launderette services. This means that you never have to collect payment personally, you will never receive bad cheques, and customers will always be satisfied. Your administration processes are easier and your profit-making is more consistent.

You can keep an eye on your launderette from virtually anywhere in the world through modern surveillance equipment. This makes your day-to-day life very flexible and the profits high.

A trustworthy partner

Take control of your future and invest in this tremendous business opportunity. This is our purpose, pride, and passion. Our specialists are always happy to give you the advice you require.

Free advice from our specialists

There are plenty of options. Do you want direct advice of our experts? Call us at +31(0)85-0030265, email us at info@laundryexpert.nl or fill in the contact form! 

Immediate contact via chat? Which can! At the bottom right of the page you can immediately chat with one of our experts from the Laundry service team. We like to help you!


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