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Washing machines

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Disabled care

Laundry Expert carefree care institutions in the care for the disabled, so that you and your clients can enjoy your clean washed laundry. The care for the disabled provides care and support to people with disabilities, as a result of which they have become in need of help. This care can exist for people with a physical disability, an intellectual disability or a sensory impairment. These clients need all the attention, so that your clients can function as well as possible and suffer as little as possible from their own limitations. That is why we are happy to help you with our experience and solutions to efficiently organize the washing process for your care institution in care for the disabled.

Your concern is also our concern!

For your clients, it is important that there is as little inconvenience as possible from the washing process. This is also part of keeping all personal clothing. Clients are attached to this and do not want to lose any clothes. By opting for washing in own management, the chance is lost that personal clothing from your clients is lost. In addition, good hygiene is of great importance to prevent the risk of transmission of infections and germs. We at Laundry Expert stand for the care of clean and hygienically washed laundry. We provide all the resources you need for obtaining clean laundry. We do not only supply a professional washing machine, but also the professional detergents with associated soap dispensing systems. In this way you prevent as much as possible that even the most vulnerable clients will experience disadvantages of harmful bacteria.

Hygienic washing in the disabled care

Many companies are satisfied with laundry that is visibly clean. When there are no visible spots on the textile, there will also be no stain in it. This is a common mistake. The fact that your textiles are optically clean does not mean that your textiles are really hygienically clean. To get your laundry really clean, you need the right professional detergents with the right ingredients. An example of a good detergent is for example the ecological detergent Ultra Wash. This detergent contains extra enzymes, which remove the most common stains. In addition, this detergent breaks itself off, leaving no residue in your washing machine. This prolongs its life. Of course we have even more choice in the right detergents. To find out which detergents are best suited to your situation, we would like to get in touch with you. This way we can help you with the right solution for you!

The right professional washer and dryer for your disabled care!

From the many laundry machines it is difficult to know which machines contribute to your situation and your care for the disabled. That is why we are happy to give you advice and select the right professional laundry machines based on your current situation. A win-win situation, because these laundry machines (such as a professional dryer) will fully meet your wishes and needs. It is our goal and our great passion to connect the right professional washer and dryer to the right customer. Because of our knowledge and experience, we know how to organize a washing process hygienically and efficiently. Based on this, we have selected the best laundry machines, which are suitable for care institutions in the care for the disabled.

The service that deserves your disabled care

Laundry Expert maintains equipment from almost all brands within the laundry industry, including the laundry machines that you have not purchased from us. For this we offer an attractive maintenance contract, in which Laundry Expert can offer all-in service to your laundry. We can offer you all the service you deserve for preventive maintenance, but also for repair or replacement. And we can also supply you with all necessary detergents and accessories to completely unburden your laundry.

Free advice from our specialists for care

In addition to all the resources and service we can offer you, we can also provide you with expert advice. Laundry Expert is ready for all your questions! Please contact us via telephone number + 31 (0) 85-0030265, send an e-mail to info@laundryexpert.nl or fill out the contact form below!

If you happen to be in the area once, you are most welcome! In our Washing Experience we can show you exactly what our machines can do and what Laundry Expert has to offer! So take your dirty laundry with you, then you can be sure that you will have it clean again at the end of the day! You have also experienced how our laundry machines work and what convenience our laundry machines offer you!

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