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Washing machines

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Campgrounds and resorts

We help campground and resort owners as well as their guests wash and dry their laundry efficiently through our extensive knowledge, and innovative products and laundry techniques. We do this so that you can keep on doing what matters most to you: giving your guests the perfect vacation.

Carefree washing and drying at the campsite

Holidays should also be a real holiday for camping guests, but in most cases there is also a need to be able to turn a laundry. Especially as a family at the campsite you can not escape the fact that the clothing remains clean. An accident is in a small corner and children just get dirty and dirty because they play outside all day. But even after a heavy rain shower, you want the clothes to be clean and dry!

What does washing and drying cost at the campsite?
We at Laundry Expert can map the entire calculation for you. And for the guests we can arrange the laundry in such a way that the washing machines and dryers work on a payment system or via a special pass. This pass may possibly be your camping pass that can be upgraded at the reception.


Wash with a soap dispenser system

Do you wish to be 100% unburdened and also for your camping guests? Then an automatic soap dosing system is the ideal solution for your laundry. Always clean laundry, 24/7 can be washed and the camping guest does not have to buy detergents first, keep your washing equipment and the environment is immediately taken into account.

The search for your ideal washer or dryer for your campsite

You are looking for professional laundry equipment for your camping. Because research shows that the camper and guest at your campsite need it. But what do you have to pay attention to? How do you wash efficiently? Which professional washer or professional dryer fits best with your camping? How much space do you have at your disposal? How can payment be made? These are all questions that arise if you are considering purchasing new machines. Fortunately, we are here to answer all your questions. This way you will be taken care of!
• Professional washing at the campsite
• Request free 3D floorplan
• Top 3 laundry equipment


Professional laundry equipment

In order to choose the machine that best suits your situation, we select a number of suitable machines based on your story that we think are best suited to your needs. It is our goal and our passion to connect the right machine to the right customer. As we did for example for Het Lierderholt Holiday Park. We are happy to give you advice without any obligation.


How efficient was my laundry?

As a professional camping you can hardly do without a laundromat nowadays. This ensures that your guests are taken care of and can fully enjoy their well-deserved holiday. It also has a higher added value for your camping guests and bookings. That is why it is very important that you have reliable machines where you can entrust the laundry of your guests. This prevents unnecessary annoyances and makes a guest feel good about the stay. For this the washing process must be put together as effectively as possible. How much can this cost? How will the guests pay this? We like to help you!


Free advice from our specialists

There are plenty of options. Would you like direct advice from our Camping Specialist in the field of washing machines? Then contact us! Laundry Expert is happy to give you personalized advice!

Call us at +31 (0) 85-0030265, send us an e-mail via info@laundryexpert.nl or fill in your details via the contact form below!


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