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Animal care

Do you have a company or organization in the animal care sector? Then it may be that you have a lot to do with cleaning laundry. If this is the case, we advise you to opt for a professional or industrial washing machine. We are happy to tell you more about the various possibilities that are available.

Professional washing machine for animal care

Do you have a veterinary clinic, animal shelter, animal breeding or animal grooming and do you need regular washing? Then it is important to invest in a washing machine that can last a lot of hours. A good investment is choosing a professional or industrial washing machine. These last up to ten times longer than when you opt for a household washing machine. But when do you choose a professional washing machine and when do you want an industrial washing machine? If you run 3 to 4 washes per day, a professional washing machine is ideal. Do you run more than 4 washes per day? Then you are best off with a reliable and industrial washing machine.

Dimension of the right machine

Another advantage of a professional washing machine is that they are larger than household washing machines. Within animal care you often have to deal with textiles of a somewhat larger size. In a household washing machine these articles do not fit so quickly, so it is a must to choose a professional or industrial washing machine. This way you can wash more and larger textiles at the same time, which contributes to an efficient washing process and a better environment.

The importance of a good cleaning

Within your sector, the welfare and health of the animal is number one. Sand, skin fats and other contamination remain in the textile fibers, resulting in a lot of bacteria. Harmful bacteria can then affect the health of an animal. For this reason it is important that the laundry is cleaned regularly. The most important thing is that the laundry is also really hygienically clean. This can be done with the right professional detergents, preferably with many enzymes such as a Selox Micran. Are there spots in the textiles that are difficult to obtain? Be sure to purchase a secondment agent. We can help you by offering the secondment tools that match the most common stains in your industry.

Service from Laundry Expert

In addition to supplying new laundry machines, you can also contact us for refurbished washing machines and dryers for years. Our service technicians overhaul laundry machines professionally and industrially from almost all brands. For this reason our service technicians have gained a lot of knowledge of the different brands of washing machines and dryers. The longer a machine does not work, the longer the work will come to a standstill. Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of our service technicians, any problem is always solved as quickly as possible. Our service technicians are at your service 24/7.

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