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Washing machines

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Washing machines for fire services

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Washing machines for fire services

We help firefighters keep their clothing clean and dry by using our extensive knowledge, and our innovative products and laundry techniques. We do this so firefighters do what they do best: fight fires and respond to disasters and crises. 

The quest for the right washing machine and dryer for your firehouse

You are looking for professional laundry equipment for your firehouse facility, but what are you truly looking for? How to clean your dirty laundry efficiently? Which professional washing machine or dryer is the best for your business? How much space in your facility do you have at your disposal? How do you want your laundry to be dried?

These are all questions that we have encountered while helping firefighting professionals decide on a system that works for their establishment, and we will be able to answer them for you as well. In this way, let us take care of you!

Professional equipment

In order to choose the machine that best suits your interests, we will select a variety of machines based upon the situation your firehouse finds itself in. It is our goal to find the right machine for the right customer; we thrive on making the perfect match!  Because of this idea, our advice is always no strings attached.

How can I wash my laundry efficiently?

Firefighting clothing is used both in the training for and execution of firefighting exercises. More often than not, reflective stripes are secured to firefighting clothing in order for the firefighter to be visible in low-lit conditions. These reflective stripes become dirtier with use, diminishing their visibility. How can you properly clean a uniform without damaging these stripes?

By nature, firefighting clothing needs to be heat resistant. In addition to heat resistance, the material needs to be strong enough that it does not immediately tear if caught on something sharp. The clothing needs to fit snugly in order to prevent both potentially-lethal gases as well as water from infiltrating the uniform. How can you clean a uniform all the while keeping these necessary features intact?

Zippers and other metal accessories used to keep the uniform fastened are often covered by a strip of velcro in order to ensure the wearer does not get burned while undressing. How do you make sure that you keep these metal accessories remain undamaged in the washing process? Our specialists are ready and willing to give you advice to these questions and more.

Dealing with asbestos-contaminated firefighting uniforms

Working with asbestos can indeed be fatal. Technically-speaking, asbestos is a fascinating material; indestructible, fireproof, and above all: very cheap. Decades ago, it was discovered that inhaling asbestos particles can cause deadly diseases. We will advise you how best to deal with asbestos-contaminated clothing.

No strings attached advice from our specialists

There are numerous possibilities for you. Should you wish to receive advice concerning laundry equipment in the fire services, please contact us!  Laundry Expert will provide you with personalised advice.


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