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Professional laundry services in shipyards

Laundry Expert is happy to help your shipyard efficiently clean and dry your laundry through our professional washing machines and dryers. In addition, our extensive knowledge, innovative products and laundry techniques also contribute to making the right choice. A well-considered choice is important because every situation at sea is in fact a floating city in itself. The facilities that we know from home must also be present here.


Real customization at your shipyard

Building a ship is often tailor-made and that is why we are happy to offer you a suitable solution. For example, it is good to see what type of washing machine fits your shipyard. Is this a professional washing machine or maybe you wash so much that you need an industrial washing machine. We select the most suitable laundry machines based on your story. So you can choose from an overview with laundry machines that best suit your personal situation and therefore your wishes. It is our goal and passion to place the right machine aboard and relieve the crew of any kind of laundry technology.

Our service engineers are specialized in custom work.
Laundry Expert has its own workshop, which means that we are able to strip every machine and assemble it on location. Whether this is a professional washing machine or a professional dryer, we do not turn our hand around it. We are able to place the most suitable machine for you at any location in the Netherlands.

Professional dryers for your shipyard

After you have washed all your laundry with your professional washing machine, it is time for the drying process. To dry your laundry in the right way, you need the right dryer. This is possible with a matching professional dryer and even with an industrial dryer. Do you have special clothing that deserves extra care? Then a drying cabinet is a good option. Each product has its own advantages, so it could be suitable for you. In addition to clothing, it may also be desirable to dry gloves, work jackets and boots.

Specialist in washing certified NEN - EN - ISO workwear

In the maritime sector, including your shipyard, warm and dry clothing is of great importance. Your crew's work clothes have high NEN - EN - ISO safety standards. This work clothing must be washed and dried with care. The standard is not only intended to provide clarity to consumers, but also companies such as Laundry Expert who supply and install professional washing machines and drying booths. Our experts help you choose the right cleaning process or drying process, which also ensures a longer lifespan.

Advice and delivery of professional detergents

When washing your work clothes, the use and dosage of the right professional detergent requires extra attention. There are many types of work clothing, including thermal clothing, each of which requires its own washing process. This is to prevent this from being at the expense of the lifespan of your work clothing. We offer you the most effective, professional and liquid detergents, washing powders, detachers and soap dosing systems. Everywhere washing is done detergent is needed, but every situation requires specific detergents. We can deliver detergents almost anywhere in the world where your ship is docked.

Worldwide available parts and warranty

Do overseas work? Laundry Expert is a partner of Alliance Laundry Systems. Alliance Laundry Systems is the global market leader in various laundry equipment, including professional and industrial washing machines and dryers. This makes the parts available worldwide. Laundry Expert also has its own extensive parts service from various brands.

Free advice for your shipyard from our specialists?

We are happy to help you with a free inspection on location including a 3D drawing. Improve your shipyard with someone who understands your business. By anticipating the needs of our sailors, we always strive for the best solutions and services with our experts. There are many options.

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