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Workwear laundry service

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Workwear laundry service

Many companies outsource the role of cleaning their laundry, but is this always the right choice? It is the easiest, sure, but there are substantial savings to be made if the company takes care of their own laundry. Savings of up to 60% per annum are not unheard of. 

Running an in-house laundry service can turn into a rewarding long term investment. It is true that when you think short term, the outsourcing of your laundry is perhaps the best solution, but it is quite costly. The only solution to guaranteed long term savings and quality is through running an in-house laundry.

Workwear does not have to be rented - The renting of workwear for your staff comes with a hefty price tag. Purchasing your company’s own workwear does not have the same, raised fix costs, and it gives you tax benefits. Owning your own workwear is the obvious choice if you want to avoid higher fees.

Smaller stock under your own control - Because the clothes (and therefore their washing) is privately run, you are more flexible. Less inventory means fewer costs.

Improved quality of clothing - Good quality clothing paired with professional laundry equipment means that your clothes will stay better quality for longer.

Fewer administrational processes - When you clean your laundry internally, you no longer have to worry about scanning invoices and processing documents from the company through which you outsourced.

Less wear - The incredibly huge bulk-process approach the company you outsource from probably uses is very hard on your clothing. In-house laundry services can forgo this and extend the life of your clothing.

Loss of clothes - When outsourcing the cleaning of your laundry, items often get lost. In-house laundry eliminates this frustration immensely.

Fresher scent and fewer wrinkles - A common complaint of those who outsource is that their laundry does not smell fresh. If your clothes do not smell clean, why would you want to wear them? In-house laundry gives you control over the scent of your clothes as well as control over the elimination; your clothes become less wrinkly if they do not have to be transported.

Are you getting the itch to switch from outsourcing your laundry and bring it in-house? Look below at which category you fit into in terms of the recommended washing machine and dryer and the average working time that comes with it.

Number of employees Weight per week     Wash/Dry combination     Number of loads     Total time per week
10 60 kg 10,5 kg 8 2
20 120 kg 13,5 kg 12 3
30 180 kg 18 kg 14 3,5
40 260 kg 24 kg 15 4
50 320 kg 28 kg 18 4

Moving your company ahead - Setting up an in-house laundry service in order to enjoy the fruits listed above is not all that difficult. With automatic washing and dispensing programmes, it is easy for this to become an additional role for your current cleaner

Simple use - Fill the washing machine with your dirty laundry, press start, and let the machine do the work. It really is as simple as that! The automatic washing programme and self-dispensing detergent will do the rest.

Shorter process time -  After as early as 45 minutes can the washing process be finished. The tumble dry process is 30 minutes on average. In combination, the total time is still less than your standard washing machine cycle!

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