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Industrial dryers


Lavamac LS250 HP - 11 kg

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Lavamac LDR220 - 11,5 kg

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Lavamac LS250 - 11 kg

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Lavamac LS300 HP - 13 kg

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Lavamac LSD300 - 2x13 kg

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Lavamac LDR270 - 13,5 kg

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Lavamac LSMS13 - 13 kg

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From € 5,485.15 - For € 4,986.50

Lavamac LDR270/270 - 2x 13,5 kg

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Lavamac LS300 - 13 kg

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Lavamac LS350 HP - 16 kg

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Most chosen

Lavamac LDR350 - 16 kg

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Lavamac LS350 - 16 kg

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Lavamac LDR420/420 - 2x20 kg

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Lavamac LDR490 - 24 kg

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Lavamac LS530 - 24 kg

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Lavamac LDR530 - 25 kg

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Lavamac LDR635 - 34 kg

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Lavamac LS680 - 35 kg

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Lavamac LDR1025 - 55 kg

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Lavamac LDR1425 - 77 kg

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Lavamac LDR1700 - 90 kg

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Buying industrial clothes dryer?

Laundry Expert is a specialist in industrial white goods and offers you a wide range of industrial clothes dryers. An industrial tumble dryer is highly recommended if your dryers have to run all day. For this you need powerful machines and to save costs, preferably with economical energy consumption. The Lavamac machines industrial have been specially developed for large-scale users in, for example, a commercial laundry, industry or cleaning company. These are specially made to dry a lot and for a long time. Of course, our dryers are available in different models and designs. With a lot or little weight, a single or double dryer, it is all possible. This way you can be sure that you will find the machine at Laundry Expert that suits you!

Advantages of an industrial dryer

Obviously, the purchase of a machine must be beneficial. Laundry Expert understands this and is happy to inform you about the many advantages of our industrial dryers.
  • High quality!
  • Ergonomic, modern and innovative design.
  • Possible in high or low centrifugal execution.
  • Different loading capacity available, from 6.5 kg to 90 kg!
  • Contributes to sustainability through the extremely low energy consumption.
  • Achieve a maximum drying result with short drying times.
  • Extra large door opening that can open up to 180 degrees, making loading and unloading your laundry easier and faster.
  • Contains a user-friendly microprocessor.
  • Standard with a rust-free steel (RVS) top panel and drum.
  • Will last a long time with the extra long lifespan of more than 35,000 operating hours.
  • Maximum heat transfer.
  • Can also be used for wet cleaning.
  • Dryer possible with heat pump (heatpump) in the Lavamac versions with HP, such as the LS195 HP.

Save time in the complete washing process and opt for an industrial tumble dryer from Lavamac!

Buying an industrial dryer at Laundry Expert

Laundry Expert is happy to help you make the right choice! Do you need advice? Let us know immediately. Call us via telephone number +31 (0) 85-0030265, send an e-mail to info@laundryexpert.nl or request a quote!
Why order from Laundry Expert?
  • A matching industrial washing machine is available with every dryer.
  • Delivery and installation can be provided by our technicians and is possible at any location in the Netherlands.
  • Buying a dryer is possible in subscription form or in combination with a maintenance contract.
  • Genuine service available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
You choose, because at Laundry Expert the customer is central. As it should!

“Laundry Expert helps you think along for the total solution for your company from a to z. ”

“We are expert not only for new machines but also for the repair of used machines. ”

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“Laundry Expert stands out for its high degree of involvement in the process and a very customer-friendly attitude.”

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