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Professional hygienic washing machines

SCBA washing machine

Solo Rescue cleaning machine

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Lavamac AFB180 - 18 kg

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Lavamac 24kg wasmachine 1

Lavamac AFB240 - 24 kg

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Lavamac LMA260 - 26 kg

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Lavamac AFB280 - 28 kg

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Lavamac LMA330 - 33 kg

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Lavamac LMA440 - 44 kg

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Lavamac LMA660 - 66 kg

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Lavamac LMA700 - 70 kg

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Lavamac LMA900 - 90 kg

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Lavamac 110kg wasmachine

Lavamac LMA1100 - 110 kg

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Lavamac LMA1400 - 140 kg

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Lavamac LMA1800 - 180 kg

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Buying hygienic barrier washing machine?

"Research has shown that 10 to 15% of nosocomial infections are due to inadequate linen hygiene. These infections lead to an average of 4 to 5 extra days of hospitalization and in the most extreme cases to the death of the patient. In addition, old people and children are more at risk of infections because of their less efficient immune system."
Our hygienic barrier washing machines are specially designed to prevent (cross) contamination and the aforementioned problems by means of laundry. A hygienic barrier machine has a dirty side and a clean side, which is placed in a wall. This way the clean side of the dirty side is separated and conscious hygiene can be handled. This hygienic barrier washing machine is ideal for companies where hygiene is number one, such as in hospitals, care institutions, launderettes, hotels and other food industry companies. Fire department Doetinchem already preceded you and underwent a nice process.

Advantages of a hygienic washing machine

Lavamac's professional, hygienic washing machine has been designed for hygiene. The barrier that is created by placing the washing machine in a wall offers the best protection for your patients and for your employees. It offers optimal prevention for the spread of bacteria, fungi and viruses. The high quality of the material and the different parts that make up the machine guarantees a long service life. This makes this hygienic barrier washing machine a sustainable and safe investment.
Our hygienic barrier washing machines offer you the following benefits:

  • Available with a load capacity of 18 kg up to 180 kg.
  • Innovative user-friendly soap dish.
  • User-friendly X-control microprocessor in different languages.
  • Designed to consume extremely little water without reducing the quality of washing. Very sustainable!
  • Very user-friendly with an extra large door that can be opened up to 180 degrees.
  • USB connection for quick and easy upload of new washing programs.
  • Super Eco washing programs that greatly reduce water wastage and high energy consumption.
  • Stainless steel top panel, casing, drum and tub.
  • Easy soap system, a liquid soap connection.

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Buying a hygienic barrier washing machine at Laundry Expert?

You place the health and safety of your staff and patients on a high priority. Laundry Expert is happy to offer you the right solution by giving advice for the best machine for your company. In addition Laundry Expert has even more to offer:

  • A suitable industrial clothes dryer is available with this hygienic industrial washing machine.
  • Laundry Expert will be happy to take care of the delivery and installation by the mechanic. This is possible at every location in the Netherlands.
  • 36-month warranty on manufacturing defects.

Are you interested in a hygienic washing machine? Request your quote quickly or contact us by phone on 085 003 0265.

“Laundry Expert helps you think along for the total solution for your company from a to z. ”

“We are expert not only for new machines but also for the repair of used machines. ”

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