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Drying closets

Drying clothes without friction and wear is possible with our professional drying cabinets from Podab. Very suitable for delicate fabrics, but also for company clothing with special properties. Go for a long lifespan of your textile and choose a professional drying cabinet!


Podab BaseLine TS4 E/VP - 4 kg

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ECO innovation

Podab ProLine TS63 VP - 8 kg

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Podab ProLine TS63 E - 8 kg

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Podab Proline FC 20 - 16 kg

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Podab ProLine TS 93 E - 20 kg

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Buy a professional drying closet?

A professional drying cabinet, also called drying cabin, is useful to use next to a professional or industrial dryer. Many think that a drying cabinet is the same product as a tumble dryer. Both have the same function, namely the drying of your laundry. However, there is a big difference. In a tumble dryer there is always friction between the laundry, making it more likely to wear quickly or to get damaged. For delicacy garments you can prevent this by choosing one of our professional drying cabinets from Podab. A professional drying cabinet is highly recommended when you dry a lot of costumes, uniforms, suits and delicate fabrics. This way you have the guarantee that your textiles will not lose quality, while it requires a very short drying time. This is due to the warm air flow in the professional drying cabinet. The easy thing about a drying cabinet is that you can hang all the textile on the clothes hangers. This prevents as much crease as possible in the clothing when it comes out of the dryer. This can save you a lot of time, which you normally spend on finishing your laundry.

Benefits of a professional drying cabinet

One of the advantages of a professional drying cabinet is that the textile undergoes an efficient and gentle drying process. So that all kinds of laundry can enjoy a long life. In addition, the drying cabins are very energy-efficient, so a sustainable product.
But there are more benefits:

  • Very short drying times.
  • Dried by warm airflow.
  • The display is user-friendly and clear.
  • Set in seven different languages.
  • Equipped with four automatic drying programs and one program for time-controlled drying.
  • Doors can be opened up to 190 degrees.
  • 1-door and 2-door drying cabinets available.
  • Integrated with a HTS system (Humidity Tracking System), so that the drying cabinet stops drying when the laundry is dry. This way, you never use electricity unnecessarily.
  • Your textile does not experience mechanical action, which contributes to quality.
  • Suitable for all types of garments: shirts, sweater, blazer, pants, shoes, boots, overalls, gloves etc.
  • Widely applicable in various industries, such as for fire brigade, ski resorts, offices, but also for hospitals.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Beautiful luxury design with a powder coat in the color gray.
  • Available in different versions, including in large and small size and in eco innovation with heat pump.

Buying a professional drying cabinet at Laundry Expert?

Sustainable choice! Would you like advice on the drying cabinet / drying cabin that best suits your company?
Please contact us via telephone number +31 (0) 85-0030265, by e-mail info@laundryexpert.nl or request an offer free of obligation!
In no time, you know which product is the best choice for you.

  • In addition to drying cabinets, matching washing machines and finishing equipment are available.
  • Laundry Expert is happy to provide you with a total solution!
  • We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

“Laundry Expert helps you think along for the total solution for your company from a to z. ”

“We are expert not only for new machines but also for the repair of used machines. ”

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“Laundry Expert stands out for its high degree of involvement in the process and a very customer-friendly attitude.”

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