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Cleaning machine

Various assortment in professional cleaning machines. Cleaning machines with which you are guaranteed to clean faster, cleaner, safer, more durable and better. Do you want that too? Quickly view our range!

New in the range
i-vac 6 stofzuiger

I-vac 6 vacuum cleaner

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New in the range
i-vac-5 stofzuiger

I-vac 5 vacuum cleaner

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New in the range

I-vac 30UR vacuum cleaner

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New in the range

i-brush carpet brushcleaner

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New to the range

Floor scrubber i-scrub 30EM Pro B

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New to the range

Floor scrubber i-scrub 30EM Pro

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New in the assortment

Scrubber machine i-scrub 21B

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New in the range

i-gum G chewing gum remover

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New to the range

i-gum B chewing gum remover

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New in the range
i-vac 9B professionele stofzuiger

I-vac 9B vacuum cleaner

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New to the range

I-mop Lite The scrubber dryer

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New to the range

I-vac 4B move Vacuum Cleaner

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New to the range

I-mop XL Scrubber Dryer

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New in the range

i-scrub 21B Handy scrubber

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New in de range

I-vac 5B vacuum cleaner

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New in the range
i-mop-XXL-Side 3-iteamglobal

I-mop XXL Scrubber Dryer

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Buying a professional cleaning machine?

Buy a cleaning machine?

If you want to buy a professional cleaning machine, it is important that it matches the work within your company. Laundry Expert has a diverse range of cleaning machines, including powerful vacuum cleaners, scrubber driers, floor scrubbers and chewing gum removers. So you have a wide choice of cleaning machines, exactly as you are used to from us. You are of course also at the right address for maintenance and repair of your cleaning machine.

Laundry Expert is an official dealer of i-team Global, a strong brand with innovative cleaning machines. Laundry Expert is 100% behind i-team Global as a partner and supplier. We supply the entire i-team Global range. You will only see the cleaning machines on our website. For all parts and accessories you can of course also contact us via our webshop.

For additional information about the range you can contact us any time. You can also request a free demo, so that our experts can convince you of the efficiency of the i-team cleaning machines. Call us on 085-0030265 or complete our contact form!

The advantages

When you choose the i-team Global cleaning machines, you will discover that you have only thought of the development of the machine. The cleaning machines are known for their unique user-friendliness, the reliability, the service and the quick payback period. Every year the products are further developed and improved on the basis of customer feedback. In this way, these cleaning machines remain the most innovative of them all.

The i-mop scrubber dryer is very flexible and offers maximum freedom of movement thanks to the 360 ​​degree rotary functionality. With the i-mop you have all floors, even the floors with the most stubborn stains, spotless in a short time. The i-mop functions faster, cleaner and more durable, because less water and cleaning agent need to be added. In addition, this cleaning machine is very safe, because it contains no cord.

The scrubber i-scrub is the perfect floor scrubber with a lot of movement power and freedom of movement. The handy removable water tank allows you to accurately dose the cleaning products. In addition, the soft rubber bumper provides protection for your furniture, so you will never damage anything. This cleaning machine is distinguished by its simplicity, is very user-friendly and low in maintenance costs.

The i-vac vacuum cleaners are not like the standard vacuum cleaners. No, these are innovative vacuum cleaners with power and optimum mobility. That is why these blue cleaning machines are perfect for professional use. These vacuum cleaners come in a wireless version, have a silent motor and a high suction power. This means that this cleaning machine can always be used, even during busy office hours.

Easily remove chewing gum within 6 seconds with the new i-gum cleaner. It is real, wireless and free from chewing gum to be used inside and outside within seconds. The i-gum has a patented way to spread the natural pH and biodegradable steam, which breaks down all chewing gum. No matter what surface, chewing gum is no longer safe. Hardwood, soft floors, dust, doors, furniture, concrete, metal, plywood, it doesn't matter where something is stuck.

For every industry

Every cleaning machine is user-friendly and versatile. That is why they can be used for every sector. You can think of cleaning companies, swimming pools, supermarkets, catering and healthcare institutions. Whether it concerns small office spaces, entire supermarkets, gyms or keeping sheds clean. Due to the diversity of the cleaning machines and the knowledge in cleaning technology, we have a sustainable, effective solution for everyone.

Advice about cleaning machines in your industry?

If you want more information about these innovative cleaning machines, you can always contact us. Our cleaning experts are happy to help you with your problem and offer you suitable advice. So that you can efficiently clean your company again soon.

Are you coming soon? Then come and visit us and experience the Cleaning Experience without any obligation. We are happy to provide you with genuine and expert advice!
Not around, but interested? Or do you want extra information, prices or a demonstration? Please contact us quickly on telephone number +31 (0)85-0030265, send an e-mail to info@laundryexpert.nl or request a quote!

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