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Speed Queen

Speed Queen is an all-encompassing concept for a self-service launderette or laundry. The total concept Speed Queen is a proven business model that is successful worldwide. Laundry Expert offers you the products of the world's largest supplier in laundry machines Alliance Laundry Systems. Speed Queen has been the world market leader in providing total washing salons for years. The experience gained over the past 100 years has shown that Speed Queen is the most suitable for a self-service launderette.

Speed ​​Queen the solution for every launderette

Speed ​​Queen laundry machines and operation

Speed ​​Queen has years of international experience in the field of supplying complete washing salons. This is why Speed ​​Queen has developed a user-friendly, yet simple control system for the laundry machines. The control is one of the most important aspects for a well-functioning self-service launderette or laundry. Speed ​​Queen proves this by giving 36 months warranty. This is a full warranty on all Speed ​​Queen laundry machines.

The central control panel and payment panel can be configured according to the wishes you have as a customer. It is even possible to reserve online and be paid via IDEAL. Speed ​​Queen also offers you the possibility to issue a "laundry pass" that customers can top up. If your customer deposits € 50.00 once, you could even issue a discount amount. In the event of faults in the system, you will receive a message from an assigned person. This message can be forwarded to one of the Laundry Expert employees so that we can assist you within 24 hours.

Installation Speed ​​Queen washing salon

Providing a self-service laundromat or laundry is more than just placing machines. A good technical installation is of great importance in managing your own laundry salon. You want to be ready for your customer at any time of the day by offering your service. This promotes the durability of your laundry or laundry. The technical installation and other construction work has been completed under the auspices of Laundry Expert. You can therefore be assured that the quality and durability of your self-service launderette or laundry will be maintained.

Speed ​​Queen design

For the design you do not have to do anything as owner. Laundry Expert takes care of the complete design of your self-service launderette. From the paint and instruction boards on the walls to the Free WiFi stickers. In this way you will be completely unburdened and you can engage in other important activities.

Additional laundry facilities

Within a self-service laundromat there are a number of options from which you can choose. For example, professional detergent can be dosed automatically or soap sold separately in a vending machine. In consultation, it will be determined which option is most suitable for your situation.

Automatic soap dosing system

An automatic soap dosing system is ideal for dispensing all your professional detergents. This way your detergent or fabric softener is dosed in exactly the right quantities that are enough to clean the laundry. In addition, you do not waste detergent with the soap dosing system, which provides extra efficiency. Doses will be used on the basis of the different program choices. The customer can also choose to apply fabric softener. The professional detergent can penetrate well into the laundry and thus ensure a radiant clean result.

You can choose a vending machine if you would like to increase sales. With a vending machine you can sell detergents, fabric softeners, drinks and snacks separately.

Interested in a Speed ​​Queen laundry salon?

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 Call us by phone + 31 (0) 85-0030265, send us an e-mail to info@laundryexpert.nl or request your Speed ​​Queen quote!

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