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SILC is a renowned Italian manufacturer of various finishing products such as an ironing board, an ironing press and a form finisher. The company is one of the largest suppliers of industrial laundry machines in the world.

SILC was founded in 1968 in Italy and became a leading supplier of high-quality finishing equipment. Striking is the enormous range with at least 50 models, the excellent parts supply and the consistent quality with which every product is produced in Italy.

SILC is a Laundry Expert supplier for the solutions

SILC ironing board

The professional ironing tables from SILC are available in different models and in different applications. Rectangular, electrically heated, with suction box or bladder compartment. The standard sizes can also be adjusted on request with interchangeable tops. So SILC always offers you the ironing table that suits your situation. All ironing tables are available with an integrated boiler. The best in efficiency is the SILC S / MSA-E Combi: an ironing board, a press and a finisher in one.

SILC ironing press

You can certainly expect Italian precision and craftsmanship at SILC's ironing presses. From pneumatic operated ironing presses, vertical presses and ironing presses with manual controls, there is a wide choice within these mentioned items. The ironing presses are equipped with a steam heated top and bottom floor. In addition, the SILC S/ICP is an ironing press especially for ironing shirts. All basic models can be connected with an external steam generator or suction unit.


A handy and elegant small steam iron including electric steam generator, that is the Mini SILC ironing table. This mini version of SILC has a maximum capacity of 4.9 liters. This ironing table comes complete with a professional steam iron with a cork handle and an external control of the magnetic valve for steam control.

SILC Form Finisher

The form finishers from SILC are each intended for ironing different types of clothing. There are models for ironing trousers, for blouses, but also for coats and skirts. These models have a centralized doll as standard for easy ironing of your clothes. A form finisher is suitable for dry and wet textiles and can be supplied with a special steam iron that can be reconnected to a separate air and steam generator unit.

SILC Steam generator

SILC's electric steam generators have an internal boiler that is easy to connect to, among other things, steam irons, ironing presses and form finishers. These generators have different boiler capacities making them extremely suitable for multiple ironing unit connections.

Buying a professional SILC machine from Laundry Expert?

Good choice! SILC is a very professional company and fully specialized in industrial laundry, with good service and durable products at a competitive price. Laundry Expert is 100% behind our partners and suppliers. Thanks to its unique user friendliness, reliability, service and advanced product line, SILC is one of Laundry Expert's leading partners.

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 Read more about this brand on the official SILC website.

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