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PODAB is a Swedish family business that was founded in 1945. The company has more than 70 years of experience with professional laundry machines and has been active in the laundry industry for a long time. PODAB specializes in professional washing machines, dryers and drying cabinets.

PODAB develops and produces high quality products at good prices. The company stands for constant innovation, so you are always surprised with new products. We supply and install PODAB machines so that you as a customer can benefit from these beautiful laundry machines. When choosing PODAB, you know that you receive products that stand for efficiency and durability.

PODAB is the Laundry Expert supplier for the solutions

Professional tumble dryers

The drying closets from PODAB are very economical in energy consumption. The PODAB T-201-E series, for example, is a tumble dryer with a volume of 201 liters and a very high capacity. Nevertheless, with this PODAB series you are permanently engaged, a nice extra. The four automatic programs and the additional program for time-oriented drying can easily be operated via an LED display.

Professional drying cabinets

The drying cabinets from PODAB are specially designed to dry clothes that can not withstand the friction of dryers. Examples include work clothes, firefighting equipment, shoes etc. A drying cabinet uses a careful way of drying, which protects your important clothing. You prevent wear and keep the original color. Different sizes are available.

The somewhat smaller PODAB-TS-4-E and the TS4-E / VP series are ideal for companies where limited space is available. You can think of day care centers or smaller fire stations. This way, all freshly washed clothing, shoes, boots, gloves and SCBA can be dried. In addition, no major installation work is required, because the drainage system can be connected directly to the ventilation system.

Would you prefer a larger version? That is also not a problem. The PODAB Proline-TS series offer more space and are equipped with double fans, optimized air channels and a humidity monitoring system (HTS). This way a perfect balance has been found in the air circulation. The drying cabinets are ideally suited for delicate garments and extend the life of all your garments. The Proline-TS series have capacities up to 16 kilos, making them suitable for drying curtains, carpets, carpets and other large textiles. Proline FC-20 series are ideal for the heavier work and a larger capacity. That is why they are also perfect for large fire stations, maritime industry such as offshore and plant services. The system works without mechanical action so that any special membranes, zippers and reflector strips are retained.

Buying a professional PODAB machine from Laundry Expert?

Good choice! Many customers already preceded you. We supply drying cabinets to customers in the sectors: fire brigade, chemical industry, food industry, nurseries, maritime sector, plant services, slaughterhouses and fisheries.

Laundry Expert is 100% behind our partners and suppliers. Thanks in part to its unique user friendliness, reliability, service and advanced product line, PODAB is one of Laundry Expert's leading partners. Are you in the neighborhood soon? Then come along and experience the Washing Experience. We are happy to provide you with sincere and expert advice!
 Not in the neighborhood, but interested? Or do you want additional information or prices? Please contact us via telephone number+31 (0) 85-0030265, e-mail info@laundryexpert.nl or request your quote!

Read more about this brand on the official PODAB website.

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