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Lamac Machinery

Lamac Machinery N.V. is a Belgian company that specializes in machines for the professional laundry and textile sector. With over 65 years of experience Lamac Machinery guarantees every customer a perfect service worldwide. Lamac Machinery develops and assembles everything in-house, which provides good insight into product development and the achievement of the standards. All Lamac Machinery products comply with the strictest safety standards. Lamac Machinery ensures that products always have to meet safety standards. This way Lamac Machinery can offer the customer with the products the quality and safety that every customer deserves.

Lamac Machinery roller systems

Lamac Machinery offers a wide range of roll systems, ideal for efficient roll-up of floor mats, carpets and towels. Lamac Machinery is the Laundry Expert supplier for:

Floor mat rollers and roll systems

Lamac Machinery products ensure that all your mats are rolled up quickly, easily and tightly. The Mat Roller RM18 and Mat roller series RM13-s / RM18-s / 22-s roll-up systems are pre-eminently the most suitable means for all your mats, floor mats and carpets. This roller system is very user-friendly, can be rolled out and rolled in and the mats are fed in on the same side as they are executed. This makes this mats roller easy to place against a wall. You can also easily place these in front of an input table. Carpets with a dimension of 200 cm width is no problem for this Lamac mat roller. And with a capacity of up to 500 mats per hour (depending on the carpet type), you can place a high priority on productivity.

Towel rollers and roll systems

Roll systems suitable for rolling terry towels can also be supplied. The Lamac Towel Roller RM7-S is extremely compact as a table model and ideal for small spaces. This towel roller offers a capacity of 200 to 350 towels per hour and is therefore an asset to shorten working time. This allows you to process the more towels in less time, giving you more time for other things. There is also a wet roll-up system available from Lamac Machinery, namely the Wet Towel Roller. This wet roll-up system has been developed and is ideal for small towels for restaurants, hotels, airplanes, airports and wellness. Are you interested in this? Request more information quickly!

Vulcanizing press for repair floor mat

A vulcanizer press is ideal for repairing rubber mats. The Lamac vulcanizing press in type Industrial Press VM1550 and VM3100 are easy to use for cleaning and repairing entrance mats. The included monitor has ten different types of programs for setting time, pressure and among other things tempratures. These presses can also label your mat in the rim with your own logo or RFID chips can be implemented.

Strapping machine to bundle rolled up mats

Are you looking for a solution to easily bundle your clean carpets or mats for transport or storage? For this we offer you several solutions, for small to very large volumes, from manual operation to fully automatic. The table model is ideal for bundling small packages and can also work with foil or paper in addition to binding cord. The larger specimens with different channel sizes that are also called tunnel binders are suitable for larger volumes and versatile in use with various types of binding cord. In addition, the larger types are also mobile, making them easy to move.

Racks for the storage of carpets and mats

The storage solution for carpets and mats are our racks. After bundling or strapping, the mats can be stored easily and conveniently, but also safely in your warehouse. The rollers are placed in robust and galvanized steel racks. The racks are easily adjustable and fit on different modules. The racks vary from 12 compartments (compartments) to 112 compartments per rack. Due to the various sizes from 200 mm up to 15000 mm these storage racks are an asset for an efficient storage process.

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Laundry Expert will gladly help you with all your questions. Laundry Expert is 100% behind its suppliers, including Lamac Machinery. For different types of roller systems, vulcanization presses and strapping machines, you have come to the right place with the Lamac Machinery brand!

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Read more about this brand on the official Lamac website.

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